When you take exceptional care of yourself, your world changes.


Positive change starts with you.



I truly believe that when we care for ourselves, our world changes and THE world changes.


Imagine a world where everyone’s need are met. A world without neediness, passive aggressive behavior, violence, or Internet snark. That’s a lofty goal, but when your needs are met and you’re actions reflect your best self, the motivation for negativity and comparison goes away. When your cup is full, you feel strong, energetic, and enthusiastic about how you can make a difference. Not to mention simply enjoy your beautiful life!


Yoga is a gateway to exceptional self care.

True story: A consistent yoga practice creates a solid foundation of self care. Yoga builds mental and physical strength & flexibility, so what used to bring you down doesn’t anymore. You’ll move with a calm energy and have more patience, compassion, and love to give. (Others will notice the difference too!)



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I’m Cara. A self care educator, yogi, and writer who knows you want to make a difference. If you stick around, you’ll find tools to take exceptional care of yourself so you can make a positive impact in the world without losing yourself in the process.


Check out my (Inner) Self Care program and the 30 Day Yoga challenge!


Make time for you and everything else falls into place.