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A Visualization Exercise for Equal Pay: What If?

Equal Pay Day.   Sad that we need it. Some argue we don’t.   But we do. At least in the US. It's the day that signifies how much longer into the year a woman must work to earn what a man earned in the previous year. In 2018, it was April 10.    Isn’t paying people,...

Don’t Overthink It.

She called me a unicorn.   Years back, as my dark brown hair began showing glimmers of gray, the comment made me smile. I had never colored my hair. Never attempted highlights. I didn’t have any tattoos.   And I’ve never smoked pot either.   (This surprises no one.)  ...

Feeling a Shift This Year?

It's International Women's Day today, and there's a shift that I'm seeing in everyone's posts. Honestly, it gives me hope. (I'll tell you why in a second.) But, first, I want to celebrate YOU!   I want YOU to celebrate YOU!   Too often we discount all the lovely and...

Are You In For Excellence?

How's 2018 treating you? Are you rocking' your goals and inspiring others to do the same? Of course you are (even if it's not perfect). That's why we're here - why you're here - to be the best YOU and spread the love.    We started the year with Purposeful Action...

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