The beginning of the school year took far more energy that I expected. And it brought some new surprises. (I’ll be writing more about all that later.) So, apologies for being away. I’ve been saving up ideas, so this is a longer post. You NEED to read the whole thing. 


Really, truly.


I have THREE awesome things you definitely need to know about. I’ll preface this by saying that they are completely unrelated. One frivolous, yet yummy, and two other important issues that can be serious game changers in how you live your life. How all women live their lives.


Let’s start with the biggest idea.


A documentary called Embrace.


I watched this in our local theater with some friends and it sparked GREAT discussions. The movie sets out to explore how and why women (more often than not) hate their bodies. Or at least some part of their bodies. All over the world. It is a complex issue that impacts every woman no matter what you look like, how fit you may be, or where you live. Every woman has or has had at some point in her life body issues.


This film, which you can bring to your community through Gathr, provides a foundation for great conversations about how we view ourselves, our value in the world, and how to shift our attention from what we look like to how we can contribute to the planet.


If you take all the money, time, and mental energy women spend on what they look like – body, face, hair – and put it toward making the world a better place, just imagine how powerful that would be!


Think about the time and mental angst you’ve squandered over the years about looks, weight, and diet. It’s not like if we actually like our bodies, then we’ll fall into a pimply heap of blubber on the floor. Stop working out, eat garbage, and wear sweats with holes in them everyday. No.


What would likely happen instead is that we do that same things we always do anyway but WITHOUT the guilt, shame, and preoccupation of how we look. Perhaps we’d even be kinder to ourselves by enjoying what we eat, how we energize our bodies, and taking it easier on everyone else!


There’s lots more to be said on this, but for now, check out Gathr and bring Embrace to a theater near you!


Speaking of enjoying what you eat and not feeling guilty…


Awesome thing #2: Mexican Chocolate Noosa Yogurt.

I LOOOOOOOOVE it!! So yummy! It’s yogurt with vanilla and chocolate, but the chocolate has a hint of cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Go find it now and thank me later! It’s heaven.


(So far I’ve only seen it at Sprouts grocery stores.)


This last one I have to preface by saying:  

I might be your weird friend. And that’s ok.



I’m talking about Thinx. Period panties. Awesome #3.


Now, I’m not a fan of the word “panties” in any form, but I am quite a fan of periods because it means that I’m not going to have another 10 pound baby. (I like the two I had, but no more. Thanks.)


Turns out, if you’re a woman, you have periods too! Shocking!

Why it’s so taboo to talk about them is beyond me.


I’m writing to tell you that you need Thinx. Even though it sounds weird, I’m telling you these are life changing. Seriously. (Even more than the Mexican Chocolate yogurt, but bring the two together and you’ve got a fabulous day.)


When I saw the advert for these period panties on Facebook, it made me think. (That’s where the name comes from I suppose.) So, I ordered some for myself, my sister, and my niece. (I’m the weird aunt too, no doubt.)


Then I tried them.


Luckily, the first opportunity fell on a weekend, so I had the chance really test them out. Here’s the play by play whether you want it or not.


The Night Before.

(That sounds like a great story title…) I could tell Aunt Flo was on the way, so I slept in my Thinx just in case. Good thing I did as I’d started my period during the night. Clean sheets. Happy me.


During the Day

I wore the “heavy days” Thinx while I was planting outside. And by planting, I don’t mean poking tiny holes for carrot seeds. I mean the heavy labor of digging big holes in hard clay soil for actual plants. Where my husband and boys were when I was doing all this work, I have no clue. But, the important part of the story, was that the underwear worked! On my heaviest first day, until about 4 o’clock, and that’s saying A LOT.


And even then, the leak was not catastrophic as it can be with a tampon.


Granted it’s a little weird to have the feeling of letting things go while you go about your day. But then it’s like magic! The blood gets absorbed so you don’t feel it at all. The only time I really felt anything was after using the facilities when the underwear were starting to max out.


When that happened, I hopped in the shower (as I was done planting by then), rinsed the pants in the shower – which was not at all gross, more like amazing that they held so much without issue – and then put on a new pair of Thinx.


During the Night

This is the best part! You can say “Adios!” to bulky pads forever! I’m completely serious when I say that these did the trick overnight and I still got to snuggle with my guy without feeling gross with a big ol’ pad. (Cause there’s no way to feel sexy when you’ve got that going on!) With Thinx, it was comfy and awesome. Though, my husband would’ve thought I was a little sexier if I’d stop talking about my period panties while I was snuggling. But men need to know how things work too, ya know!


Light Days

I wore Thinx alone on my light days and they were amazing! Moisture & blood away, no worries, no tampons, nor panty liners. I even wore them biking, which was great! I’ve tried biking with a panty liner and that just doesn’t fly. The sweat negates the sticky and then you’ve just got a mess of uncomfortable issues going on. Thinx is way better.


*Use as Back Up*

The next month, I used my Thinx for backup on the heavy days, because if you haven’t experienced it yet, your period gets crazy heavy as you get older. (“You’re welcome,” says Mother Nature.) Nobody told me that and I felt like I was in junior high all over again worrying about leakage. Instead of bringing extra clothes for the boys, I’d pack more clothes for me. Just in case. 


No extras needed with Thinx!


I maybe haven’t convinced you to try them yet, but you should. And I don’t really say “should” often. Especially if you have girls, imagine they could go through their entire existence never really worrying about leakage, bulky pads, or associating their periods with grossness.


That’s the game changing part for a lifetime and longer! This is the process that literally supports human life on the planet. We deserve better. Thinx is better.


If you choose to try some, use this link. I get a little credit, so I can send more pants to unsuspecting friends. But, I don’t really care if you use my link or not. Get them, talk about them. As an added bonus, the company and everything they write is just punningly delightful. And they have a newsletter based on women’s issues too. Awesomeness all around.


Women need to know there is another (awesome) option!


Here’s your checklist:

  1. Host Embrace via Gathr in your hometown theater.
  2. Find the Noosa Mexican Chocolate yogurt.
  3. Write me a thank you note because you’ve never had anything so yummy.
  4. Buy some Thinx and change your life forever.

That’s it. No biggie!


I promise to do my best to not be a stranger. I’ll be writing more about life, love, and chocolate yogurt – err – I mean ways we can all do little things to make big change in our world.


Until next time…