How’s 2018 treating you?

Are you rocking’ your goals and inspiring others to do the same? Of course you are (even if it’s not perfect). That’s why we’re here – why you’re here – to be the best YOU and spread the love. 


We started the year with Purposeful Action (highlights below), and now I’d love to hear from you. (Post your answers here or email me at



  • What are you most passionate about right now?

  • What are your goals and ambitions?

  • How can I best serve and support you?


As we move into March, I’ll be focusing on EXCELLENCE in all that I do. (Note: I’m not talking about perfection.) If you strive for excellence in all your endeavors, then there’s no way you can’t grow and succeed. (My husband LOVES double negatives!) Results might look different than you’ve envisioned, and that’s ok.


Will you join me in striving for excellence this month? There’s no “challenge”, no opt-in, or extra emails. Only a commitment to do your best at what you’re doing.


Be fully present. Do the work. Share the process and the results.


I hope you’ll come along with me! I’ll be posting on Facebook and giving updates via email (so make sure you’re a subscriber!). And if you want those posts to inspire you too… then answer the above questions!! 


And if you’re interested in the highlights from the Purposeful Action challenge, check out these three blog posts. They’re my favorites:

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Love always,


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