You’ve got a vision for what you want the world to look like – your world, you community, your senate seat – and you’ve thought about different types of action that might achieve that vision.  Now it’s time to take the actions that create the vision we seek.


Start with the vision for your personal experience with your core issue. In a way, it’s always most beneficial to start on the individual layer, because you’ll see results fastest as they shift your life circumstances.


For example, my core theme/issue is women’s equality. As I brainstorm things I can do, directly and indirectly, in my own life to move toward women’s equality, a few actions come to mind:

Teach my boys responsibility for their body, belongings, and environment.

My goal is to give them the skills to cook, clean, and care for their clothing and home without having someone else prompt them. I keep telling them stories of how gross boys’ houses were in college to scare them into caring, and I resist the urge to constantly tidy after them.

Be a positive role model of action, expression, and taking on challenges.

I let my kids know about my work, writing, and even what my goal is with the blog. (Every once in a while they look over my shoulder and say, “Mom, I like that!”) It’s important for me to be an empowering example, even as I put my career on hold to raise them initially. And to be a model for others. Bonus: I gain confidence as I take more action and challenge myself in new areas! (An aside: I LOVE Patty Murray’s story about a legislator ridiculing her as a “soccer mom in tennis shoes” and now she’s a badass in the Senate for Washington State.)

Speaking about consent and making that a normal part of relationships.

When I snuggle with the boys at night, they often hold me tighter when I say it’s time to go. In way, it’s sweet because they want to snuggle longer, but I am very clear with them that when someone says “no” or that they need to go, you must honor that request. I practice having them loosen their hug as I say I’m ready to go. This may seem like overkill, yet I feel it’s a skill they need to learn. To be aware that holding someone tighter doesn’t feel like love when the other person wants to leave. It’s a small thing, indirect, and I hope it makes a difference in how they treat people in the future.


These are only a few examples of what I’m doing on an individual level to lean toward women’s equality. They are slow going processes and I don’t really know what the impact will be, but I feel like I’m doing my part. In your case, you might be taking direct action for and about yourself and YOUR world, rather than teaching kiddos. Either way, the challenge for today is to brainstorm as many things you could do that would make a difference for your core them on a personal level.


Purposeful Action: What actions can you take in your daily life to address your core issue/theme? brainstorm a list of things that would make an impact, either directly or indirectly. And then choose ONE to do, or start, today!


Once you have your list, choose something to actually do today! Keep I’m mind that the ultimate goal is kindness, compassion, and positive impact no matter what your focus. Don’t wait or  second guess yourself.


What you do makes a difference. Keep going. Dream big and set your sights high!