It’s the time of year when chaos and busy rule the roost. If you’re trying to do it all yourself and it’s running you ragged, then stop. Delegate. Lighten your load. The only thing people really care about is connection and your presence in their life. (If they’re healthy, lovely people, that is. And if they’re not, then maybe consider if it’s worth it the effort anyway.)

Tonight my list includes addressing and stamping all my holiday cards. The addresses always take the longest. And no one wants to help. My goal this year, however, is to at least get my boys (husband included) to address a fraction of the envelopes.


If I’m successful, the envelopes may not be entirely legible. But I’m willing to take that chance.


I’ve done my best to let the boys decorate the tree. (Lots of deep breaths involved. And I had to redo the lights. But after that, it’s all them.) Ok, maybe I rearranged some ornaments when they were at school, but who notices those details. 😉

If you can’t delegate, then consider which elements of the holiday are truly necessary to create your festive feelings. When you’re stressed and overwhelmed, I’m sure the vibe you’re giving off isn’t all too jolly. Is there something you can skip this year? or every year?

That’s what organizers say all the time, right? Ditch or delegate. (I think the last “D” is Do. But that one’s a given during the holidays.)

Think about it and give yourself a break, a mini retreat, or even a few simple minutes of doing absolutely nothing. The rest of your season will be more joyful.