For most of us, stepping out of our comfort zone makes us want to jump right back in. Blanket over head, one eye peeking out…


Comfort Zone = Safety


When you linger too long in your cozy place of sameness, however, you’re not growing or experiencing all this lovely life has to offer. And you’re certainly not making a difference. I’m all for comfort as long as it’s balanced with a dose of risking taking. Nothing too risky. Just taking the risk to step out of your zone into something new. A new mindset. A new action A new group. A new job.


Purposeful Action: Take a step out of your comfort zone to find like-minded people. People who want to grow and make a difference like you do.


There are number of ways to find people interested in what you love too. In this case, we’re talking making a difference that aligns with your core theme or issue. No matter what you’re focusing on, however, there are groups and people organizing around that topics this very minute. Or, you know, maybe tomorrow morning. The step you need to take is the action of poking your toe outside your comfort bubble and taking a chance.


Like a lot of what we’re talking about, there’s initial research involved and a splash of trial and error to find the perfect fit. Don’t expect a first encounter with a new group to result in confetti and inner peace. Do expect that you’ll have great conversations, meet interesting people, and possibly find companions in your quest to make a difference. 


There are a million ways to find groups and people interested in your passions. The actions below serve as suggestions and I encourage you to check out at least one of them. See what’s out there.


What looks intriguing?

Search the website for local groups with your interests. You can check out current members, past meet ups, and the organizers bio. Look at the dates of the meet ups and make sure that they’re not old. If you’re not seeing recent activity, it’s probably not worth your time.

Facebook Groups

Go to your profile (assuming you’re on Facebook, if not, obviously skip this one). Type any keywords in the search bar that align with your core theme or overall goals. Check out the group page, look at the comments, review the members if you can. If it looks like something that would support your goals, then ask to join. Usually an administrator from the group must add you.

LinkedIn Groups

I don’t have experience here, but if you’re active on LinkedIn it might be worthwhile to join a group or two. They tend to be professionally oriented, but if that falls in line with your core theme or if it’s something that bolsters your professional presence, then carry on! Search, find, and join.



You can browse groups in your area covering virtually every topic. And if you crave community, but don’t see something that works, you have the option to start one too. That might be a bigger leap out of your cozy zone, but it’s really simple. (I did that for my writing group and people have been gushing about how great it is!) If you put an ounce of effort to bring people together and talk about things they enjoy, everyone walks away feeling heard and motivated. 


You could even go old school and check with your local community center or bookstore. They often have resources about specific groups as well.


Whichever you choose, get out there are find other people who are interested in making a difference and taking purposeful action. Don’t join a bunch of groups all at once! Try one on, check it out, and move on if you don’t love the vibe. You can always un-join or delete the group from your profile if it’s on social media.


Take a leap. Put yourself out there. The world needs you.