If you watch the news at all these days, you know there’s lots of negativity floating around. There always has been, really, it’s just that we see more of it now. It’s enough to want to crawl in a hole and wait it out, as if that would help.


Avoiding each other only makes the negativity grow.


Instead of opting out and building up guards, try engaging in a different way. Try kindness. It sounds so simple, yet most of us – myself included – go about our days without truly interacting with the people who matter most. Let alone the others in our community that surround us everyday.

I came across this kindness calendar via Casey, a parenting coach, at Joyful Courage. (She’s always got something positive to share. And it’s originally from Action for Happiness.) These are easy ideas to spread kindness and shake out of the negativity spiral that’s so seemingly magnetic.


Share it with your kids, your friends, and even coworkers.


Let’s focus on the good, how we can impact each other in a positive way, and build community with those around us. That’s how we can combat the negative. Well, that an elect more Democratic women. (Oh, did that slip out?)

Anyway, share the love and kindness this month (and ever after)!!

With Love,