I’ve been updating my website for awhile now, but I’ve finally come to a conclusion: It will never be perfect. Instead of waiting to relaunch or dazzle you with a fancy website, I am beginning again with good enough.

As a recovering perfectionist, it takes a lot to write that… but I realize that the time spent on those final details doesn’t always match the resulting impact of tiny tweaks. I simply want to write, and only require that my website is functional and bright. What prompted me to get off my duff and jump back in here (after our move and a new puppy distracting me) was a TED talk I happened upon the other day.

You see, filmmaker Jude Kelly speaks about how women must share their stories more frequently. She mentions how usually women’s experience is defined as just that: women’s experience. That designation, whether intentional or not, makes the work of lesser social importance because it doesn’t apply or impact all of the population. As if women’s experiences only influence women.

On the flip side, however, men’s experience has been considered THE human experience since the beginning of time. You never hear about ‘a man writer’ or a ‘men’s history’ because that’s been considered the default for us all.

When women keep their experience and their stories to themselves, it makes it easier to ignore the impact on the individual and the communities in which women live. Which is all of them.

Our ideas and creations need more airtime.

From this point forward, this is one of the ways I’ll be sharing my stories and those of others who are navigating this life creatively. The ways women live reflect the human condition, and I would argue, where humanity is heading. The more we create and speak up, the more we help shape a more inclusive future.


Here’s the TED talk. Watch it and reflect on how you can share your stories!