Hopefully, you’re reading this with a passionate purpose in your heart. You know what change you’d like to see, and you’re ready to take the actions to get there. Let me first say:


Welcome and congratulations!


Setting an intention and commitment sets you on a course for constant improvement and, truthfully, happiness! Even when you may be dealing with difficult subjects, privately or in the world at large, if you know you’re taking purposeful action toward a positive solution, then you – by default – are growing and challenging yourself.


That’s where happiness comes from: growth and gratitude.


If you’ve done the work thus far, you also have an overflowing list of possibilities for action. From large to small, direct to indirect, I encourage you to consider what you love to do and how those skills can make an impact toward your goal. From that list, choose what sounds the most fun and do that! (Hopefully that’s what you did yesterday!)

The next step involves doing research, and finding places that match your skill, interest, and getting acquainted with existing resources. Whether or not you’re ready to volunteer, getting to know both the opportunities and organizations you’re interested provides a wonderful foundation. And knowing how you want to make a difference makes it easier to search and find things that match your ambitions!


Purposeful Action: Take a look at one or two websites volunteering. (Resources below.) Search your interest, skills, and location to see what comes up! Bookmark what looks interesting, and contact an organization if an opportunity seems like a good fit.


As with anything, finding the perfect fit takes some trial and error. Starting the process with what’s out there already makes it easier to begin. You don’t need to launch a nonprofit as your first change-making action. (Though if that’s what’s in your heart, I fully support you!) Simply diving into a new world to see what’s there can be enough for one day.


Give these websites a try (and bookmark them for future reference!):


See what you find and follow anything that sounds like a good fit for you! Consider it an information gathering phase (as we’ll be talking more about that next). Inquiring doesn’t mean you’re committing all your time and resources. You’re simply checking things out and saying yes to what sounds like you!


Remember:¬†Even if you’ve directed¬†purposeful action on your individual wellbeing thus far, making a contribution and giving back increases wellness too! There have been numerous studies done showing how giving (time, energy, love, etc.) does just as much for the giver as the receiver.