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Have you ever found that something bad happens just when things are going great? Do you brace yourself when good things come your way? Get an unexpected bonus at work and then you’ve got to use the money on your car that just broke down?


You may be experiencing an Upper Limit Problem.


What does that mean? According to Gay Hendricks, we all deal with the Upper Limit Problem (ULP) any time we step out of our familiar levels of love, money, abundance, anything really. His book, The Big Leap, goes into more detail than this video, of course, but I wanted to share this idea with you. I’ve seen it in my own life, but I also notice it – now that I’m aware of the issue – all around with everyone I talk to…


 Could you be limiting yourself without realizing it?


Watch the video to learn more about the ULP, because we ALL experience it!


If you’ve ever noticed a ULP show up in your own life, share in the comments below!  What was it and how did you 1) recognize it and 2) move forward past the limit? Often it’s hard to notice our own patterns, but if you use the ULP lens you might find something interesting in your behavior!


My philosophy is to take everything as information, try it on, and use insights to move you forward.


If something doesn’t seem to fit you, your life, or if it’s not your thing, then that’s fine. Be wary, however, of turning away from anything that challenges you. (Cause we all need those things to keep us growing!)