You are an untapped resource.


How does that statement make you feel? I can almost hear the response:


Untapped? Right! I’m tapped out! I’m a resource for everyone! I do everything at my kids’ school and everywhere else. It’d be great if I was seen as LESS of a resource.




I’m not a resource for anything. I can’t even get myself together to do the things I say I want to do. I can’t imagine being a resource.


No matter what your reaction, you do a lot for everyone in your life. You might be in charge of planning events for the school and your kids’ groups, and managing the household. Feeding your family, making sure everyone’s got clean, well-fitting clothes, keeping the germs & grime at bay, organizing the schedules and the budget, the list goes on as you know. Or maybe you’re doing that AND working a 9-5. There’s really nothing you can’t do. And I’m right there with you!


There’s one thing though, that gets forgotten in all that hustle.


And that’s You.


That’s why YOU are an untapped resource. I’m not talking about everything you do for the outside world. I’m interested in your inner life. Your creative spark, the passions and causes that move you. The creative being that you are apart from your role as a mom, employee, wife, volunteer, etc.


Stripped of all the roles you play: Who are you?


Of course, we can’t just cast off our social roles and start life anew. (Well, actually you can, but it’s not what I’m recommending.) I’m guessing you like your life, your family, and that you don’t want to run away. (No matter how often you might joke about it.)


The question still stands: Who are YOU?


The only way to know that person is to give her a chance to speak. Create some space for her in your life. Nurture her. Give her equal time.


Give yourself equal time.


By taking time for yourself, you reconnect with that creative, passionate person inside. That person exists and you know it, even if it’s been awhile since she spoke up. You are an untapped resource. A creative genius waiting for enough space to shine. You hold within an amazing contribution to the world. Like the farmer seeking treasure everywhere, when the diamonds were in his own fields at home.


Give yourself equal time. Reconnect.


I’m not asking you to do more. I’m asking you to do more of what’s in your heart. (Everything else gets done, but you don’t always have to be the person to do it.)


Here are four simple ways to reconnect:

  1. Move your body. (Hint: Yoga’s great for igniting creativity.)
  2. Explore alone. Go somewhere new. 
  3. Take a break from technology.
  4. Say no to things you don’t really want to do.


When you take the time to reconnect via those four activities, you make space for that inner creative, passionate person to come out of hiding. She’s waited so long, and it’s her turn to run the show.


She knows, and you know, that you have something remarkable to contribute to the world. What that contribution actually is doesn’t matter. What matters is that you explore it, unleash it, and stay connected to the flow that creates it.


Make space for yourself in your life. And the world will be a better place.