A Few Things for You

The 6 Essential Mindset Shifts

For parents of twice exceptional, neurodiverse, and otherwise more challenging children, the Mindset Shifts are six simple ways to help life run more smoothly. It’s something I wish I’d had in the early stages of parenting. After all, your mindset makes a HUGE difference. Take what works for you, leave what doesn’t. Get FREE access on my course website here:

The 6 Essentials.




The 30 Days of Yoga

Centered on your own wellbeing, I created this program for moms (and dads) who need a bit more space for themselves! It’s a simple daily yoga series, with intentions and home practice tips, that sets you up for the calm energy you need throughout the day. It’s something you can aways come back to and even share with your kids! Get access on my course website here:

The 30 Days of Yoga. $14.

(For each purchase I donate $10 to the Kiva Organization, so you’re helping the greater good too!)



Caring for your mind and body shows your children how to do the same. In a chaotic world, we all need time to connect with and nurture our own wellbeing.