Have you ever thought: How am I supposed to keep this up? Throughout the twists and turns of daily life, you’re bound to get off track here and there. Living purposefully, and actually taking action, involves A LOT of effort. And it can be a lot of responsibility. Not to mention life getting over scheduled, hectic, and sometimes downright hard.



How do you commit to purposeful action when everything vies for your attention?



How do you stay motivated toward your goal, your core issue, and your values?



First, accept that life unfolds in a way that challenges your commitments and convictions. We don’t like that, but it’s unfortunately true. The good thing is, in some ways, things get easier as you stay committed.



Second, much of the action you’d like to take has become habit (or is on it’s way to being so). You’ve either automated  or set up systems that steer you in the direction you want to go.



But what if you still veer off? Or you want new ideas and insights to further your work?



That’s when it’s handy to have inspirational resources at hand. I always surround myself with books, podcasts, and other input that inspires me to keep going.



Purposeful Action: Explore sources of inspiration until you find something of interest. Search for keywords that relate to your core issue or theme. Online, at your library, in iTunes, etc.



If you already have a few favorites, keep them, AND explore new, tangential topics that seem interesting. I thought I’d share my favorites.



The Art of Taking Action, by Gregg Krech
This book was a great resource for this challenge, and I recommend picking it up at the library!

The Art of Possibility, by Benjamin and Rosalind Zaner
One of my all time favorites for seeing different perspectives on challenges and motivation.

Braving the Wilderness, by Brene Brown
Her latest book (they’re all great!) that talks about belonging, self worth, and taking action toward what matters most to you. (So good that my dog tried to eat my copy. Tasty too, I guess!)



Unmistakable Creative – A focus on creativity in every aspect of life. Interesting people and great conversations. I always learn something new.

 – This one has thought-provoking guests, though it looks like it’s taken a break or no longer running new shows. Worth a look at the existing ones.

Joyful Courage – Focused on positive parenting, this is always insightful, real, and helpful. Even when the subject is difficult.

The Brendon Show – Brendon Burchard, a high performance coach, is eternally motivating and talks a lot about habits. His books are worth reading too.

Ted Talks – Hopefully you watch these already! Not really a podcast, but an app, wealth of inspiration and interest in literally every field. (And they’re usually less than 20 minutes!)

There’s much more, I’m sure, but these are my favorites. I haven’t ventured too much into the realm of “apps” as I try (and try and try) to stay off my phone as much as possible.

Warning: Do not use all your time consuming information and inspiration instead of taking action! It is eternally tempting to feel like you need more *whatever* to start. You don’t.


Use the inspiration for the times when you have mindless activities, when you’re dipping in energy or motivation, or when you’re craving a new perspective on the same topic.


Staying inspired can become a full time job if you let it. Be mindful about the best balance of action and input that works for you!