You made it to the end of the purposeful action challenge. No matter if you accomplished every action this month, or only a couple, I hope our time together nudges you toward taking a more active role in realizing your positive vision for the world.


On a personal, micro level and a societal, macro level as well.


I’ve renewed my automatic donations, contacted organizations I’d like to work with, and connected with more new people personally than I have in a long time. Use this challenge as a springboard to keep taking action and working toward making the difference you want to see in the world. 

Purposeful Action: Give me feedback! 

If you’d share your thoughts (questions below) via Facebook or replying to this email, it helps me immensely in revising this challenge and making it better. (You’re helping others too!)


Take a moment and let me know:
  1. What did you love about this challenge?
  2. What were you hoping to get, but didn’t?
  3. How was the balance of outward action and internal action? (Would you like more of one or the other?)
  4. Anything else you’d like to share?


Thank you SO much for being a part of this journey and taking action to make the world (and your world) a more purposeful, positive place. 

As a thank you, I’ll be donating a $25/month to in honor of my first 25 participants. (I encourage you to check it out and consider donating as well.) It’s a highly-rated organization that provides loans to help people create opportunities around the world. As the loans get repaid, they go out to build more opportunities!


Please take a moment to give me feedback on the challenge!
I appreciate it more than you know!

Thank you again, World Changer!


Big Hugs,