After challenging you to do something that scares you, I’m gonna do it again. This time it might look different. I read a lot about creativity, the process and the products of. When I speak with people, however, I find most people don’t view themselves as creative.


Creativity means art. Painting. Dance. Sculpture. Something official.



That idea does you (and me) a disservice. We are all creative. We all have unique talents that we can develop and grow and share with the world.



You don’t have to pick up a paint brush to be creative.



I see creativity as any way we play with ideas and mix things up. You have to express yourself and your perspective. In the frame of purposeful action, how can you bring a creative approach to your core issue?



Purposeful Action: Play the strengths game to brainstorm creative approaches to your core issue. (Instructions below.)



Go back to your lists of strengths and things that bring you joy. Write each one on a piece of paper or sticky note. One pile for strengths/skills and one for joys.



Then choose one paper from each pile (so two different things strength and joy) and use them to think of a creative approach to your core issue. Repeat at least ten times, so you have a bunch of different ideas.



The point of this is not to be practical (we do that enough already), but to have fun and let your creative side shine.



Don’t censor your answers. I also encourage you to come up with at last three ideas for each pair.



Creativity is a skill that can be (and must be) exercised like any other muscle. The people who produce great work practice their creative craft everyday. There’s no reason we can’t bring our creative perspective to the table in all that we do.



That’s the element that makes us different. That makes us able to achieve the goals we have in a way only we could.



Have fun, then choose one idea and try it!





PS. You might feel that expressing your creativity doesn’t scare you, and that is awesome if that’s the case. If that’s you, then play the game and keep creating sans fear.