I’m Cara Maclean

I used to carry the weight of the world. All the internalized expectations about what it means to be a “real” woman, a loving spouse, and good mom. The expectations for our children, our work, and ourselves. When I became a mom, I inherited this massive backpack full of all this, plus the daily logistics and snacks. Sure, I can hold your rocks, sweater, and all your emotions.


I lost myself while managing life for everyone else.


It took me years to realize that I didn’t have to hold it all. Didn’t have to follow all the rules. Didn’t have to get the A’s. Didn’t have to check all the boxes. Didn’t have to hold the rocks or the emotions. (The snacks still, yes.) I adjusted expectations to what’s best for my kids, and learned to do that for myself. Now I help other (former) rule-following, ambitious, and empathic moms do the same. We create our own rules. You get to choose what’s in your backpack. 😉


What I Love

Lemons, tacos, and the sweet smell of honeysuckle. Colorful doors with tattered patina, finding hidden faces, and hearing my boys giggle together. Cozy pjs and quiet moments with a book.

I am a coach who loves to have fun. An introvert who loves people and seeing them thrive. I see smart, talented women who want to impact the world, yet get stuck because they’re already doing so much. Writing another to-do list isn’t the answer! I help women unpack their backpacks of stories, expectations, and rules, figure out their destination, and re-pack their backpack with tools and beliefs that support their journey.


Here’s the thing: we’re too good at following all the rules, making life work for everyone but ourselves. You care deeply about people, your work, and the world. Me too. You doubt yourself more because you can see what’s possible, and you’re not there yet. Me too. You discount what you’ve accomplished because it’s no big deal. Me too. As a mom of gifted kids, I also understand the craziness and struggle that comes with kids who aren’t neurotypical. Whether your children are gifted or twice exceptional, I get it. I know the extra weight that sits directly on your shoulders. I’ve been there too, and still ride that roller coaster as my boys get older.


Women change the world when we invest in ourselves.


With a Master’s in Sociology, I bring a fresh perspective to coaching. I’m also a yoga teacher and educator, continually learning how to optimize the mind-body connection. I have a personal passion for all things relating to giftedness and helping others reach that elusive ‘potential’. ❤️