I’m Cara Maclean

As moms of differently wired kids, we carry the weight of the world. We internalize expectations about what it means to be a real woman, a loving spouse, and good mom. Load on more expectations for our children, our work, and any other part of ourselves (which usually gets hidden or forgotten). We’re all carrying this massive backpack of expectations, continually stuffing more and more and more.


It’s like your kid trying to fit one more book into their backpack.


It’s too much. You’re drowning in expectations – the should’s of what’s supposed to happen – and it’s time to connect to what matters most. I get it. I’ve been there. These are my two boys (right). Now I help bright moms of atypical children connect with their spark so they AND their families enjoy life more.


When you foster your own spark, you show your children how to celebrate their uniqueness and value their contribution to the world. 

My Background

Having been a coach and educator for years, my two gifted boys threw me a curve ball. Their needs launched me into a new world. I realized I needed to care for myself, or I wasn’t going to be able to give them what they needed. Exhaustion ≠ patience.

When my boys were young, I turned to yoga and mindfulness to help me feel like myself again. Those skills helped me through figuring out what was going on with my older son (and everyday still). There were so many choices, and strong assumptions from others about the “right” answer. Truth is, there’s no right answer. We do our best and move forward.


I see why I was drowning. I should’ve noticed sooner, given that my Masters work focused on gender and work, but couldn’t because every moment seemed hard. But, we’re like goldfish (no, not eating till you explode): We don’t notice the water in which we swim until something shakes us up. Our kids do that pretty well.


My coaching, workshops, and courses blend mindfulness, movement, a sociological perspective, and a passion for playful creativity.


I offer a life boat. A way to lighten your load, connect back with yourself, and enjoy the journey. Working with me won’t change what’s going on with your child, but you’ll see how life changes when you do. Plus, you’ll have the tools to stay flexible, fun, and focused through the storms and calm seas.

Stop drowning. Shift the tide.