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The AIR Method


Private Coaching for Women Ready to Breathe Again


The AIR Method is a 6-month, individual coaching experience to build a sustainable lifestyle that supports you. We focus on three main pillars of self-growth: Awareness, Intention, and Renewal. Instead of bumping ‘self-care’ off the list (and feeling bad about it), taking care of you becomes a way of life. Together we’ll create strategic systems of self-renewal that fuel and replenish your mind and body. You’ll also: 

Eliminate Energy Drains

Recognize what drains your energy and learn tools to address, eliminate, or reframe those activities & thoughts.

Manage Daily Stress

Learn how to complete the stress cycle in mind and body so you can relax and focus forward.

Ditch The Guilt

Lighten your emotional load by letting go of expectations, judgements, and criticism while learning to voice your needs.

Engage Your Brain

Feed your soul by connecting to your ‘something bigger’ that draws you forward and lights you up.


Create Support Systems

Develop strategic supports that fuel your energy while renewing your confidence and spirit.

Celebrate Yourself

Connect with what makes you unique and honor the impact you have in the world.


We’ll uncover the sneaky expectations that shape your mind, body, and environment. You’ll decide what’s worth saving, shifting, or letting go. You’ll also re-envision your dreams, and develop a plan to incorporate them into your life. Awareness sets the stage for you (and your family) to thrive.


Intention grows from awareness, resulting in conscious choices and focused action. Maximizing your voice, habits, and strengths, you’ll build a strong foundation to support your overall wellbeing. Imagine a level of wellness where exhaustion results only from too much fun. That’s our goal. 


Finally, we’ll create systems of self-renewal to ensure you thrive along with your family. You’ll build space for rest, joy, and celebration, reinforcing your worthiness and genius. You’ll shine unapologetically, and embody your most energetic, clever, beautiful self. And you’ll have fun. 



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What The AIR Method is NOT: 

It’s not a fluffy, surface level self-care program focused on having a positive attitude. It’s not talk therapy, where you vent and the session’s over. It’s not a group membership program where you never get the attention you want. 

What The AIR Method is:

It’s a one-on-one relationship where I support you in building systems that honor you as the talented, caring, multi-faceted human you are. We dive deep, take action, and make shifts that you’ll continue to refine throughout your life. You get my 100% attention:

  • Four weekly, 1-hour calls for six months.
  • Support between calls via Voxer or text message.
  • Monthly themed yoga practices.
  • Ongoing access to yoga practices and other materials after our sessions have ended.


The AIR Method is for you IF:

  • You are the default brain for your family (where’s the — ?)
  • You use your education to research parenting strategies (and everything else)
  • You anticipate emotions, appointments, and meltdowns like magic (most of the time)
  • You adapt as needed to everyone else’s challenges (but ignore your own)
  • You feel like your own needs don’t rate (what were they again?)
  • You sit alone in your car because it’s your ‘self-care’ (seriously, it’s quiet, right?)
  • You feel guilty for wanting things to be easier (because someone has it worse)
  • You never considered support for yourself (or therapy didn’t change anything)
  • You keep to yourself since no one really gets it (and you feel judged)


And you…

  • Want to enjoy moments without anticipating every possibility
  • Crave intellectual and creative engagement, an idea or business worth pursuing
  • Want to dance again, feeling energetic, dynamic, & strong
  • Desire space to breathe, grow, and make mistakes
  • Want to feel supported, understood, and appreciated
  • Want to be able to read fiction uninterrupted
  • Know you’re meant for more


But you still:

  • Worry it will all fall apart if you stop juggling for a second
  • Can’t see how anything will make a difference 
  • Know what to expect now, and introducing a change feels scary
  • Have spent so much on support, testing, and tools (but not for you)


You give 100% in all you do.

You need support too.