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The ups and downs with gifted/2e kids can be extreme.

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Now I help parents of gifted/twice exceptional children

develop strategies to support their children and themselves.

5 Ways to Make Sense of Behavior

Having a child that doesn’t fit the system can be extremely challenging. The "system" typically means schools and education when you're young, but it can also be the web of social expectations we encounter in any situation.   Over the last ten years, I’ve devoured...

Not an End, but a Beginning

You made it to the end of the purposeful action challenge. No matter if you accomplished every action this month, or only a couple, I hope our time together nudges you toward taking a more active role in realizing your positive vision for the world.   On a...

Finding Inspiration

Have you ever thought: How am I supposed to keep this up? Throughout the twists and turns of daily life, you’re bound to get off track here and there. Living purposefully, and actually taking action, involves A LOT of effort. And it can be a lot of responsibility. Not...

Who Are You, Really?

We've all had the thoughts: Who am I to be so bold? Who am I to expect this? Who am I to think that I can...?   At some point, you have to decide for yourself.   I am someone who: ________________________     How you view yourself, how you talk about yourself, and...

Those of us raising differently wired kids are engaged in a more extreme form of child-rearing. It’s messier, less predictable, more intense.

– Deborah Reber of Tilt Parenting, author of differently wired. Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World


This journey is rarely a straight path.

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