Self Care and Sanity

Coaching for Parents of Gifted/2e Children

You’ve got a bright, sensitive, curious child.

Who doesn’t behave like a typical kid.

Who’s got a unique, yet frustrating way of operating.

And figuring it all out is exhausting.

You want your child to thrive.

Make sure you do too. 

Get The 6 Essential Mindset Shifts for Parents of Gifted, Twice Exceptional, and Highly Sensitive Children

Life can feel like a roller coaster.

The ups and downs with gifted/2e kids can be extreme.

It’s easy to worry if you’re doing the right thing.

To doubt your decisions and yourself.


You’re not alone. I’ve been there too.



I help parents of gifted/twice exceptional children develop strategies to support their children and themselves.

Because your choices impact everything.

And you need support too.

Taking Care of You Isn’t Selfish!

I get it. As a parent of (lovely and) challenging children, we get caught up in doing for others. All parents do, yet there’s an intensity that comes with our kids that doesn’t let up. It takes extra effort to create and maintain space for ourselves.   The...

Are you neglecting your foundation?

Happy New Year! It's the time we reassess how we're doing in life or take on new projects. It's the same for me, as I've been working on a project I'm planning for late February. (I'm excited and hope you will be too. If you want to be sure to hear about it, sign up...

What is gifted or twice exceptional anyway?

  As parents, we adore our children. In the beginning, we think everything they do is amazing! and wonderful! and exceptional! This doesn’t change much as time goes on, mind you, but there does come a point when you wonder:   Is this actually exceptional? Is...

5 Ways to Make Sense of Behavior

Having a child that doesn’t fit the system can be extremely challenging. The "system" typically means schools and education when you're young, but it can also be the web of social expectations we encounter in any situation.   Over the last ten years, I’ve...
Those of us raising differently wired kids are engaged in a more extreme form of child-rearing. It’s messier, less predictable, more intense.

– Deborah Reber of Tilt Parenting, author of differently wired. Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World


This journey is rarely a straight path.

You don't have to figure it out on your own.


If you sign up for a free 40 minute Sanity Session by clicking the button below,

I will help you figure out a landscape for what’s ahead and your next best step.

For you and your child.

Let's do this together.