When you have big dreams, high expectations, or small children, it’s easy to forget the impact of little things. You want progress, leaps, and results. You might even say, “It’ll be great when…” or “I’ll be happy when…”. Sometimes, though, when you focus only on the big stuff, you miss the fun along the way. If there’s always another goal, another thing to do that’s just out of reach, it’s common to jump right onto the next thing without appreciating how far you’ve come or what’s happening in the moment.

While big leaps can keep the momentum going, it can also freak out your brain. If you’re trying to push, push, push, your brain might tap out and refuse to do anything. Remembering the little things brings you back to the present, and to the awareness of all the goodness that surroundes you. A big piece of self care is recognizing the little things that fill you up. So, what does fill you up?


What Color is Your Oxygen Mask?


Self care can be many things; put your own oxygen mask on first, right? But what does that man exactly for you? Is it the same for everyone? The answer is yes and no. 😉


I’ll be giving a Masterclass this Thursday, July 15th, about WHY typical self care doesn’t work, and HOW to design a self care system that works for you. (Plus what IS the same for everyone, and what’s totally different.)


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In the meantime, here’s a list of little things to boost your presence and make life flow more smoothly today.

  1. Find one small detail that makes you smile right now. Soak it in. 
  2. Create something out of nothing.  A doodle, a paper flower from a napkin, anything.
  3. Appreciate your body as it moves.
  4. Give a small kindness to a stranger. 
  5. Share a hug with your people. 
  6. Smile at yourself in the mirror.
  7. Breathe. Deep, expansive breath, exhaling as slowly as you can.

I hope you’ll join me for the Masterclass on Thursday! I’ll help you rethink self care so it’s easier, more fun, and suited to what really renews you! ❤️❤️❤️

Hi, I'm Cara Maclean and I want to see you thrive. I coach (former) rule-following moms who've realized the rules don't work. You're smart (gifted even), maybe with neurodiverse kids, and simply too good at making life work for everyone else. Let's make it work well for you too. Fabulously well. Oh, and I've also got a book coming soon, through GHF Press! 🥳 

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