You love to-do lists. (Love to hate them, maybe.) Whether you scribble a quick list everyday or input all your tasks into an Excel spreadsheet, I totally get it. Lists keep you moving. 


Storing information only in your brain takes up precious space like open background apps draining your battery. Plus, there is something satisfying about crossing things off. Isn’t it the worst when you finish something and realize you DIDN’T write it on your list? 


*writes it down to cross it off*


Lists get long, and the temptation is to feel guilty about only getting a few things done, or get so overwhelmed at all the tasks that a ‘quick’ scroll on Instagram sounds like a good decision. I’d like to offer you a NEW list:

The Must Do List for Moms!


You can still have your to-do’s, but use THIS list as a frame for how you approach life. These aren’t tasks and details to manage. Instead they’re principles to guide your attitude and actions toward joy, ease, and celebration. Often we focus on what NOT to do, but then it’s hard to know what to do instead? Consider this a template for thriving.


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The Must Do List is written especially for you: the one managing a million things, who wants the best for everyone (and the planet), and who wants to make an impact of their own. You’ve realized that doing what you were supposed to do isn’t getting you where you wanted. You want more, but feel guilty about that because you have a pretty nice life.


The Must Do’s help lift the invisible weight off your shoulders, so you can enjoy your messy, beautiful life. You get to be human! That’s what makes life interesting and fun anyway. Without further ado…


#1: Claim your space and power. 


We give up our space and power in a multitude of ways. Each signals to your mind and body that you’re less worthy. That others matter more. I’m all about making other people feel good, but you have the right to feel good too. Apologizing, deferring decisions, letting others cross your boundaries, not speaking up for yourself, over explaining or justifying actions. Hiding your light, your wit, and your belief in making a difference. When you do any of these things, you give away your space and power to make others more comfortable. Diminishing your own sense of self to stay in your cocoon.


Catch yourself in these habits. Slow down, take a breath, and stand in your right to exist, speak, and live without explanation or apology. Let the urge to say something pass (with all the feels that come with that), and carry on. Let there be an awkward silence. Simply say thank you, or no, thank you. Proofread your emails or texts to eliminate qualifiers and deferential language. You do not need to prove your worthiness to get ahead or give up your power to make others comfortable. Claiming space and power is more of an energetic shift than a drastic action. Feel your contribution to the world simply by being you. 


For some, this will be easy, but for most of us, the issue of worthiness is tough. Our world tells us that as women and mothers we’re supposed to put everything and everyone before ourselves. It’s easier to show up for the ones we love; it’s hardest to show up for yourself.


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It keeps getting better. Like you. That’s the funny thing with personal growth. When you start with the knowledge and belief that you’re worthy and loved no matter what, the goodness flows faster. If you’re coming from a place of fixing yourself, it’s a total slog. Your choice. 


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Hi, I'm Cara Maclean and I want to see you thrive. I coach (former) rule-following moms who've realized the rules don't work. You're smart (gifted even), maybe with neurodiverse kids, and simply too good at making life work for everyone else. Let's make it work well for you too. Fabulously well. Oh, and I've also got a book coming soon, through GHF Press! 🥳 

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